KBBQ Deskmats

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Ever craved KBBQ but lockdown got you stuck at home?

Look no further the KBBQ deskmat is here.

If you're ever hungry, you can look at this deskmat and think back to all the good times you had with your friends at your go to KBBQ restaurant.

KBBQ DESKMATS designed by @thicthacthok @ggbubbletea

Deskmats have been manufactured by Zion Studios PH Kulermats


These deskmats will run from September 13th - October 13th

Estimated Shipping: Q4 2021


  • Stitched edges
  • 4mm thick
  • High quality printing process
  • 900mm x 400mm

 Vendors :

MY: You are here!

Canada: Ashkeebs
USA: Keyspensory
EU: Keygem
UK: ProtoTypist
OCE: SwitchKeys
PH: Zion Studios
SK: Monstargear