Paracord Sleeving

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Sleeve your cables with top quality American made 550 Paracord! All available Paracord colours have been tested to fit with USB 2.0 Cables.

The Paracord will be priced per foot. Each colour of Paracord purchased will come in single length strands relevant to the amount you have chosen; the Paracord strand ends will be cut and heated slightly to prevent any fraying or damage during the shipping and handling process.

As Paracords are used to sleeve your cables, they will likely stretch and they won’t exactly cover the entirety of the cable in equal length. We recommend purchasing an additional foot of Paracord per 5ft of cable you intend on sleeving i.e. If you want 5ft of cable sleeved, purchasing 6ft of Paracord should be perfect.

Are you looking for a specific colour which isn’t available in our store? Please drop by our Discord and drop some suggestions for us; we are always listening!